Art Unbound

May 15 - June 15, 2020

Search Mindscape Foundation

In a time where the household becomes the center for harnessing the physical and mental state of individuals, ththis collaboration with Adefuin Design Studio and Sigvard Selections features rendered digital living spaces housing Nuyda’s paintings in attempt to shed light in the spectacle of having art in the dwelling space. Oftentimes, art is first viewed in a gallery or a museum. This time, art is first seen on the comfort of a home.

Justin Nuyda’s long period of seclusion brought about by his illness and prolonged nationwide quarantine, has led him to take refuge in his craft. The body and the spirit may be wavering but the mind never ceases to create. The artist has transformed a solitary space into a real of fractal worlds through painting. Diving into a diverse range of visual elements, this collection may be considered as an outcome of the artist’s most prolific period in his career.

For more information: https://searchmindscape.com/art-unbound/

Leading modern and contemporary abstract painter Justin Nuyda possesses a career that spans over five decades of prolific development. Alongside art, Justin Nuyda is also a long-time lepidopterist specializing in Philippine butterflies.

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